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Burn Pain

New Breakthrough Nano Technology eliminates most if not all the pain of a burn

What's the first thing you notice when you or someone you care about burns themselves?

It's the pain, of course.  

It's the pain that lasts and hurts for days, or even weeks.

It's the pain that hurts when you touch it or when your clothes rub against it.

If you didn't have the pain, the burn would merely be a red mark that would slowly disappear.

So, what can you do to help eliminate most or all the burn pain? There are many excellent burn creams and ointments on the market that help soothe the pain and heal the burn.  They can be purchased at any drug store. They help, but they don't completely make the pain go away.

The following story is amazingly true:

Two years ago, a new burn product was created using advanced Nano technology.  A proprietary blend of Nano Fulvic Acid and Nano Molecular Silver was mixed together and bottled in a fine mist sprayer.

At the creator's company's annual in-house Thanksgiving dinner, an employee burned herself badly on a hot turkey roaster pan.  The burn was on the sensitive area on the inside of her forearm.  Her forearm immediately turned red, and the pain was extreme.  The new burn spray, called Nano Burn Spray +, was sprayed on the burn a number of times during the next hour, and the pain slowly began to decrease.  Within an hour, the redness was still there, but the pain was completely gone.  All of the other employees were both surprised and happy that their fellow employee felt better, and the dinner was saved. Most amazingly, though, the burn completely healed itself in two days without any further pain.

What made Nano Burn Spray + stop the pain?  While this is still unknown, the best guess is that the spray's ingredients enter directly into the cells of the skin to help the body heal itself.  No medicine or drugs can heal your body; only your own immune system (t-cells) can heal your body.  Regardless, Nano Burn Spray + appears to both aid in and speed up the body's natural healing processes.
During the next two years, this company, Nano Health Solutions, Inc., worked on perfecting the formula, and is now, for the first time, making it available to the general public.  Nano Health Solutions is a seven year-old company that has been selling Nano Fulvic & Humic Acid and Nano Molecular Silver.  They have thousands of satisfied customers who have been keeping themselves healthy using these relatively unheard of products.  In fact, the president of Nano Health Solutions has not had a cold or the flu since he began using these health products over seven years ago.
What makes Nano Burn Spray + unique compared to other products?  It completely takes away most pain AND it is safe enough to be ingested for burns on the tongue and mouth!  That's right, you can ingest it!  What other burn products can you put in your mouth and then swallow?

Other uses of Nano Burn Spray + include soothing the pain of a sore throat, cuts and bites, and, of course, sunburn.  It seems to help the body increase its healing power on all these irritants.

Let me introduce myself:  I am Wayne Redding, the owner and president of Nano Health Solutions and the creator of Nano Burn Spray +.  I believe in and use this product in my own home and at my office for my employees.  Just last month, I put my thumb on a hot electric burner while I was cooking eggs.  The burn was on the base of my thumb, which is thick skin, and a very painful spot to burn.  Within the first thirty minutes, I used the burn spray five times, and the pain was eliminated. Better yet, the burn healed in only two days.

Recently, my wife burned the roof of her mouth on hot coffee.  The burn was so bad that it formed a blister on the roof of her mouth.  The spray eliminated the immediate pain.  However, the blisters caused future pain that the spray helped minimize.  More importantly, the burn was completely healed in three days using Nano Burn Spray +.

It is my heartfelt belief that Nano Burn Spray + is an extremely beneficial product that should be in everybody's medicine cabinet.  It will not be sold in stores.  It will only be sold over the Internet through the web sites or , which are both the same site.

The cost for a two-ounce spray bottle is only $19.95 with free shipping included. The burn spray bottles have a shelf life of at least two years and make an excellent gift for family and friends.

Just recently, my office manager, Teri, bought twelve bottles for her large extended family.  She swears by how well it has worked on her burns over the last year.  Each bottle comes with a full six-month money-back guarantee.  If Nano Burn Spray + does not help eliminate the pain and help your body heal the burn, please send it back for a full refund, including shipping -- no questions asked.

In closing, ask yourself this question.  If you could make the pain of just one burn go away, let alone many, for less than twenty dollars, would it be worth that small investment?

Thank you.

Wayne Redding
President, Nano Health Solutions, Inc.

  None of the statements in this document has been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration or Health Canada. Nano Burn Spray + is not intended to treat, cure, or prevent disease. For any health condition, we suggest that you obtain advice from a licensed medical practitioner.  

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